Heat sinks, fans, and thermal paste

I'm looking at the third option down on this page:


I can't tell what all else I will need. No OS is included but I've got that figured out. What about thermal paste for the processor and heatsink (after listening to JJ I think a 4.3ish or higher overclock would be nice)? Is that included? Is a heatsink included? I assume that the case comes with fans (it does, 4 of them). Any other accessories that I will need to finish the build? Thanks!

When you buy a cpu it usually comes with a heatsink. That heatsink should allready have pre-applide thermal paste and a fan but, don't expect to be doing any overclocking with a stock heatsink. Your house will likely burn down if you attempt 4.3ghz using a stock cooler. Due to haswell's very odd power managment implementation, you need a preety strong cooler, such as a water cooler, or high end air cooler, if you want to do a high overclock without your cpu constantly throtling itself.

Cool. Thanks. If I understand correctly, the 4 way optimization should do all of that automatically. If I have extra money for a bigger fan, etc. I can re-optimize later and clock higher and / or OC myself. Thanks again.

By the way, through the 4 way optimization you should get you a nice, stable overclock. Though I would advise doing a manual overclock if you have the time. You'll, -assuming you know waht your doing-, probably attain a higher overclock.