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Hear Ye - 8TB drive deal

(this is for the tech people that dont shuck externals)

Get em while they’re hot/on-sale?

Not the best price Ive seen, but decent.


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But mah easystores tho.

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is that something that has the 3.3v pin issue?

only some of them apparently and that only matters if you have an old PSU IIRC. Mine did not.

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Heres a compatibility list for those easystore drives that do have the 3.3v reset pin

in case you’re curious.

A workaround seems to be to use molex to sata adapters if you dont have compatibility.


before you are reported for OT…

how well do shucked drives do in raid or raidz? (tler an issue)

I dont know. I didnt think there was any issues.

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They work perfectly fine. Maybe RAID-optimized drives are better, maybe they’re not. They certainly have better warranties. But the price disparity is far too great for me to consider not shucking-- they often cost half as much. You can buy a bunch of extra drives to keep on a shelf as replacements and still save money.

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maybe I did something wrong… i searched for easystore


Gotta wait for a sale, they typically run $130

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There are very regular deals; last week it was $130 and last month the 10TB was $160.

Edit: Damn Adubs, beat me by seconds!

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A decent writeup on drive shucking, including links to guides for the shucking and fixing the 3.3v issue @Adubs mentions

Biggest thing with NAS vs Shucks: Warranty and the longer warranty periods for NAS drives. Some companies offer data recovery for certain NAS/Enterprise drives, which can also add to the costs of those drives. If you’re storing non-critical data like Plex data, ISO library, VM lab, etc, then shucks really do save a lot of money

Other thing is the White labels usually run about 5C hotter than NAS equivalent drives. More or less expected, but it does mean it’s at a disadvantage to a NAS drive for longevity

yeah… i figured this thread would turn into a shucking topic






By all means, buy drives designed for the purpose.

Bestbuy online store has 10TB Easybook for $180 atm

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You know, I knew about shucking since long ago, but at the time I was really only dealing with raid at work and the idea of using it there was really not going to happen.

I hadn’t considered doing it for a home rig and that discount is enticing.

Still there is something to be said about warranties, but then I can’t remember the last time I actually RMA’d something to a manufacturer. I can’t imagine RMA processes have gotten better since the 90’s. How many weeks/months unless you pay extra? The truly paranoid wouldn’t ship a drive that had their data on it back either (yes, you can wipe it if you take the time)

Though I suppose using a warranty period as a metric of quality (MTBF in this case) is kind of a thing, but I wonder how true that really is.

they regularly go on sale cheaper than that even.

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I genuinely thought Raid drives had custom firmware that made them work better with raid cards / controllers. Like tler and disabled cache when controller is in charge?

I know some of the shucked drives end up being actual WD Reds. I would imagine the others are similar in that they have those firmware features. It wouldnt make sense to me to make a ‘special’ drive that is different than your enterprise/nas drives that you only put in your externals but I could be wrong.

This is what came out of my easystores, which I got at $130

They are the ‘whites’ if you look them up.

Their firmware version when you look it up, comes back to WD Reds.

I’m not really much of a gambling man, but if I was I would bet all the easystores are variations of refurbed disks with the same firmware as the reds.

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