Headset or headphones? (on a budget)

So the mic on my beloved Siberia V2 has decided to crap out.

Started looking at the new Siberia 200's that are coming out as i speak. Cause i'm pretty satisfied with the sound and audio. And then i stumbled across Tek Syndicates Video of "build your own headset" most of the "under 150USD" solutions did not realy apply to me cause of different currency exchange rates and such(im swedish), like the 98USD Audio-technica ath-ad500x costs 151USD as the cheapest i can find around here.

I really like to be immersed, which is why i got intrigued by these headphones.
The Superlux HD-668B really seamed like it would be a good other choice but i cant get around the feeling that its too good to be true. At(similar to) 30usd.

The Audio-technica ATH-m40x i can get my hands on for about 75usd, but im affraid the closed back will hinder the "immersion" and positioning of my gaming victims.

Also its 90% going to be used for gaming and SOME music :P

When it comes to a mic ill probably just go with a zalman zm1 for the time being.

Thanks, and sorry for the wall of text and bad spelling/grammar.

You could build them:
$47 Takstar HI 2050 (open)
$30 VModa / $43 Mod Mic

Or you can up the sound quality...

$65-$99 Philips SHP9500 and a VModa/Mod Mic $30 (The Philips will likely be the most comfortable headphones you'll ever try, with or without glasses)

I've found an amazing stereo mic for cheap.

The Andrea 2S Superbeam Array Mic mounts on a monitor/shelf/speaker or sits on desk - sells for ~$10 often an actually sounds better than most mics < $30 (the zalman sucks)

Watch it on PriceZombie or C3 tracker (if you don't know of those sites, they'll be your new best friend)

If you can hold out, I would save money and go up in price point. I think its well worth it to wait and get something better. I just picked up the Beyerdynamic dt 990 pro and they are great. All they need is a mod mic and they will be great for gaming and the music is great on them too. Got them for 160, then its 50 for a mod mic so 210 and its done probly wont have to upgraded these for a long time. Spend more money at once rather than more over time I guess.

I considered it but the fact that i dont have any amp/dac setup i figured the 250ohm cans will be to much to run on good volume. my current mobo does good with up to 200ohm (tho ive read that people have run 250ohm from this mobo in some other thread)

I have the 250ohms and they seem to go lound on my samsung phone. I run them through a mixer for gaming and music. I am getting a dac and curious how much that will improve the sound on the headphones.