Heads up! DXVK 0.60 now requires Nvidia 396.xx+ drivers or Mesa 18.1.2+ as a MANDATORY requirement

Sorry long term/long lived driver users, you must now use the bleeding edge driver to use DXVK, which means you also need a bleeding edge kernel. For Ubuntu, this means the mainline Kernels…

My advice? DXVK is no longer something you can test on the side on a production LTS image, you must dedicate a bleeding edge installation to it now to use it properly.

Did they provide any rationale for the decision?

Only if you want to run the latest version. You can still get precompiled older versions from the releases page.

Edit: oh, it also requires wine 3.10 now, btw.

Another edit: On Fedora 28 the only thing you have to do is install the jerbear64 mesa-dxvk repo for an up to date mesa and you’re good to go if you have an AMD card. For nvidia, negativo17 or rpmfusion will give you an up to date driver.

Dxvk itself is pretty bleeding edge. It’s not surprising that you have to run a bleeding edge distro to use it.

It gets better… the latest beta release isn’t even the latest for Nvidia. You have to get the VULKAN driver in order to get the absolute latest release.

What’s more, the 396 driver release screws up __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=1 in that it completely eliminates the benefit it provides. Huge tank in performance for War Thunder on Nvidia, just for the sake of Vulkan… That game goes back to single threaded performance.

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Fucking Nvidia.

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Crapola. I have a custom build of wine 3.8 with a dsound patch for Fallout 4. Can I create a new wine prefix just for DXVK 0.60 and run it with wine 3.10?

You need a whole new installation of the OS when Nvidia is involved, cause it only works with that ONE Vulkan driver.

Mesa upgrading could cause similar incompatibilities. To be safe, use a separate prefix and separate OS installation with the latest Mesa for AMD GPUs and that ONE Vulkan Nvidia driver for Nvidia GPUs.

Hmm, I’m still on 390.59. There are some Mesa and Vulkan updates pending, but nothing for Nvidia. What I’ve got now is working (except for a couple of minor lighting glitches.) Is there any compelling reason to upgrade from … I think I’m on DXVK version 0.56?

It has the NEW Vulkan features DXVK is requesting to draw DX11 to Vulkan 100% properly. It also has a licensing fix for Vulkan API too.

For Ubuntu, keep an eye on the rolling HWE stack, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/ubuntu/updates and https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa. Those are ppas from the Canonical teams. Until October a mainline kernel will need to be used which gives some manual overhead.

… and people wonder why sheep still use windows

I am one of those sheep and I am a happy sheep


I am working on something now, and I am using paulo dias’ ppa and ukuu but the latest update to kernel 4.18rc1 and latest on paulo’s ppa, I can’t even start x for crazy graphical artifacting and other general badness.

Should I be concerned that libdrm from ubuntu x-team on this ppa hasn’t been updated since january? Mesa looks good having been updated 10 days ago.

The nvidia side of things 396, is from 6-4 which seems problematic with kernel 4.18rc1

I’m putting together a detailed step-by-step guide for ubuntu users for gaming on linux because dxvk is extremely impressive at this point. Witcher 3 is basically completely playable with good performance as of about a month ago. So I would value writeups of peoples’ experiences on this.

It seems like for amdgpu users, bleeding edge kernel with the “right” ppa is one route, and nvidia users need a slightly older kernel (because nvidia binary blob, and newer than you get with 18.04 lts).

ukuu. Ukuu for everyone! lol.

Up till 2-3 weeks ago, it was pretty easy to get up and going with reasonable performance with only paulo’s stuff plus ukuu but for the moment I’m not 100% sure that’s the case.

It might also be 4.18rc1 has broken user space for x on amdgpu, which linus will be upset about.


You might want to reach out to Martin Wimpress. He has been working on getting this stuff going for the latest NUC and he worked with some of the graphic driver guys inside Canonical. You both know Noah Chelliah, it should be easy to set up via him?

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