Headphones to game with for poor guy

Hey guys im a broke and want to get some headphones to game with, I have gone to long without being able to communicate with my friends in games. I am a frequent user of /g/ and most say that for my budget of 40USD and under I need to get Koss PortaPros. After reading the reviews im certain they are some of the best sub 30USD headphones. There is only one problem I have with them, they are not over the ear but on the ear. I would have a problem with this due to I wear glasses, so i have seen better reviews for others for over the ear headphones.After looking around at over the ear headphones it has come between two sets, Koss ProDj100s and ATH-M30s. Have any of you had any experience with these, because most of the reviews for both are great. Im not an audiophile and am not going to be hooking these up to a dac or amp since I do not have either, so these are not an expensive investment. So what do you guys think?

I have the ATH-M30 and they are the best bang for the buck out there, and very well constructed. Oh, they sound great too! My only complaint is the cushion on ear wore down after a few years of abuse (literally would throw these in a cramped backpack and bike everywhere), so it creates a bit of discomfort on my left ear. Prior to that, I could wear these hours on out (typically 2-6 hours of continuous use) without the slightest discomfort . Despite the abuse, these have held up very well. Worth every penny.

They don't require an amp, but they don't get too loud on portable devices due to high resistance (50ohms I want to say; most headphones are 16-32ohms). On my phone, I listen at comfortable 3-4 levels below max (given 16 levels of volume on Android; ~80% volume). At maxed, they are moderately loud, but there have been a few occasions where I wish there louder because of some epic song. Because these are closed back, they do block out a good deal of ambient noise, so the lack of loudness on portable devices isn't a huge deal. I did use these on the bus, and have nearly missed my stop on several occasions because I'd get lost in my music. Also not a problem on the computer, since they output a lot higher volume.

These used to be my good sounding portable headset, but every since I broke my Corsair Vengeance 1500's, these have become my primary, and I like these much better. However, I did have to buy a mic (chose the Audio-Technica ATR-4650). Between the two, the quality is much better than my Corsair Vengeance.