Headphones suitable for Reggae (is that reasonable?)

Dear community,


let me be the bazillionth user to ask something about headphones :). To begin with i would like to mention that english is not my mother language and i thank you in advance for being very accommodative towards me.


I'd like to entertain the argument about a topic i am quite ignorant of - headphones for certain music types. And since i am curious in nature i'd really like to know more about that aforementioned topic. As you have surely read in the topic i am looking for (a pair of?) headphone(s), which are especially suitable for reggae music, because that is the music i listen to the most. Before i write about my budget i would like to describe my audio preferences, as well as what i would like to have on a pair of headphones (correct grammar?) with the means i have, which aren't very sophisticated, so i hope my message comes across.

I'd like to use the song "Africa unite" by Bob Marley as an example: In that song i really enjoy the voice of Bob, in particular when he sings in his high tone. It really gives me goosebumps occasionally. In general i do not put to much emphasis on the bass and i like to raise the "voice parts" of a song. I don't know which frequencies those are, i recon those are the high or mid ones, but thats just a guess. So do you know any headphones, that sound nice natively in that regard, so that i don't have to fiddle around with my EQ extensively? Is that even reasonable?

Having talked about the bass i hasten to add that if there are headphones that manage to deliver that kind of bass, that is really deep and not "kicky" at all, that kind of "crawles on the ground", that would be most pleasing for me. I hope you understand what i mean by that. :)

The other feature i would value are the earcups (?). ATM i posses a pair of House of marley headphones, since i liked the looks, the sound and also that they are partially recycled. But what i couldn't figure out in advance was the long time comfort. For me they really feel uncomfortable after even half an hour or so, which isn't enough for me since i listen to my music for hours at a time.The headphone can be either on-ear, or over-ear i like both designs.

In addition to that the headphones should be suitable for use on a bike, so if there are certain designs, that shouldn't be used outside, then those ones aren't for me.

Finally: The budget isn't too limited. I wouldn't like to spend more than 170€-200€ (200-230$ i guess). But anything that fits my needs and is cheaper is welcome too. It mustn't be the most superior build quality as long as the sound is nifty.

What do you think? Is it even reasonable to think of certain headphones as being more suitable for certain kinds of music, or is that complete bollocks?

I would also like to thank you for the patience to have read until the end, since i really enjoy writing in english and i also like to be a bit detailed in my statements. Thank you also if you take your time to answer me :)

Edit: I forgot to say, that i am going to use the headphones mostly on a mp3-player, i am using a cowon j3, so that used 16 Ohm i guess.

Kind regards