Headphones have terrible static (please help been researching for 8 hours)

So I picked up the razer carcharias and there is this really annoying static sound whenever I move the mouse around (especially on the desktop) but on my laptop it works fine no static. Anyone have any idea why? I have tried all USB ports. I have also tried a cheap USB to AC adapter and that gave a high pitch noise.  Please help. 

The amp in the head set has bad filtering and electrical noise is leaking in not much you can do. And this is why i stay away from USB amplified headsets.

My brother has this exact headset, and has been complaining about this for a while, trying to figure out how to get them to work on his desktop. They work fine on the XBox, the laptop, but static when hooked up to the desktop.

The reason is the power supply. Desktops use a switching power supply, which lends itself to TONS of noise in audio, whereas laptops/consoles use a regular AC adapter (which often reduces noise). Being that the headset is powered through the USB, all that PSU noise is transferred from directly to the headphone amp, giving you noise. The AC adapter on the laptop/console actually filters out electrical noise, which is why you won't get the noise when powering it through those.

The best solution is to sell the Razer headset, and get something that isn't powered by the PC, whether that is a normal headset without a USB amp, or an externally powered amp.

I am thinking about that, I don't really know of any gaming headsets that don't use a usb power source, I was looking into some astro ones (staying away from razer) and there A50's look promising but I don't know if they will be worth the $300 ill have to pay.

do you know of any good gaming headsets that wont cause this?

No, those Astros aren't worth it. I just bought them for my brother for Xmas and although he's happy with it I found them kinda shitty. I'm a bit of a sound snob though. Really, to be honest I'd say get regular headphones and a then a mic. 

For a reasonable cost you can get good sounding headphones. Sony makes a good over the ear headphone for 80-100 bucks that I really like. (I forget the model) 

As for a mic the Blue snowball is pretty cheap and sounds good or step it up to a blue yeti which cost a bit more. You'll have better sound in both your mic and headphones for less than you'll pay for a "gaming headset". 

i was also thinking about that, thanks!