HDR Support on Morefine miniPCs?

I’ve been thinking about getting a Moonfire M9. It has an N100 Intel chip, and some of the reviews show it can do 4K (at least 4k YouTube; not sure if that translates to VLC/mkv files … should if it has a hardware x264 decoder).

I have a Minisforum UM270 right now and it’s kinda garbage; crashes at least once a week, lots of frame drops (even with TPM disabled), the AMD drivers pop up errors in VLC all the time. Maybe I just got a bad unit, but I’ve had it for about a year and am not happy with it.

I asked their support chat if the M9 supports HDR and the Morefine response was that it hasn’t been tested (what?). It seems like the N100 supports HDR and the thing has an HDMI 2.0 port, but not a single reviewer has brought up the Win10/11 HDR settings in their videos. Pretty disappointing.

Anyone know if this should support HDR (or if they have other 4k/HTPC mini-box suggestions? I know there was a recent L1 video on one of the newer Beelink devices, but once I started really digging, it seems like even their 12th gen models don’t support HDR. O_o

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