HDMI to component audio

     Ok guys here is the deal. My current battlestations has a ps3 hooked up to my second monitor through a HDMI to DVI-D cable. To get audio I am using a USB dongle that routes the ps3 component audio into my PC so I can use my headphones for game audio while still getting windows audio. I am planning to get a PS4 but to my chagrin the ps4 does not have any componet out. How would I go about getting audio out of the HDMI out while still having video going to my monitor.



Thanks a bunch!


you would need whats called a HDM audio de-embedder. They are a high level, studio grade piece of equipment and you cant really get consumer ones. You won't find one for less than about $350. The cheapest ones also have bad signal distortion and things, so you'd really want a $500 one if you actually were going to get one.

As for a solution to your problem, the PS4 has a optical audio out. It needs a TOSLINK cable. You can run that into your computer if you have an optical audio in on your computer. If your computer doesnt have this, you might need a soundcard. (it will be listed as 'S/PDIF IN' on your motherboard/soundcard manual). For video, you can just keep using the HDMI to DVI thing you have going at the moment.

Hope that helped.

Also if you aren't sure, what motherboard do you have.

I have an Asus z87 sabertooth




It seems I have optical out but not in. Could you requmend a cheapy sound card? I really fall behind when it comes to Audio teck.



Oh hell I forgot, I am using one of these currently and just relised it has optical in. 



I am assuming this would still work? Would their be any issues converting optical to a USB interface?