HDMI Switch Recommendations

Hello I am looking for hdmi switch recommendations. I am hoping someone with more knowledge than me could help. Below will be my setup. This is for videogames (modern, retro, pc). The objective is to have everything connected at once with simultaneous dual output to capture device and tv/monitor. Also to not have to connect/disconnect anything ever again.

Thinking about buying 3 of https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15747

I tried to get these technical questions answered by monoprice, but I was basically given answers just to get me out of their way. I do not believe they came from someone with the proper technical knowledge. I am wondering if anyone here knows the answers to my questions OR has any recommendations.

Does this device amplify, repeat, or branch the input signal?

Is there any chance of damaging the devices if I daisy chain three of them together?

Will I get any signal degradation by daisy chaining three of these devices?

Will daisy changing three of these devices add any signal delay?

Does this device support 1440p at 4:4:4?

Others have suggested this(would replace 3x monoprice):

How long will your cables be?

These are real switchers/matrixes that are used in pro audio and video setups like sports bars, churches, large conference room/centers and such.

They will last 10-15 years and generally have great support from Extron. Though I never worked with one that was purchased used.

I will buy properly shielded/well built cables. But, they shouldn’t be more than 10ft I would think.

The pro level switches I do not think I can justify the prices. At that price point I would consider going with a good av receiver.

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Understandable, I will say as someone who works in broadcast and pro video most of the low cost options ~300 or less, are crap and often not worth the cost. If your looking at multiple Monoprice products then I would bite the bullet and get a higher end AV receiver with built in HDMI switching and HDCP support.

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The AV receiver would still require me buy another switch or 2 because I need 16 hdmi inputs. I also think the job can get done for 1/3 of the price of an AV receiver and still have high quality audio and video. I will be more inclined to buy an AV receiver when I can have the proper audio setup. I can’t justify 2k on an AV receiver right now. I would consider buying an extron at that point as well.

Did you see the tesmart amazon link above?

We use Extron switches, repeaters, and converts all through out our classrooms. Yes, they are price. but they allow on the fly configuration from a central point if you get the network or rs232 enabled gear and they are mostly a set it and forget it affair.

Would I buy them for personal use, probably not, but if I needed a complicated setup, they would be high on the list compared to other brands that I have worked with.

what do you think of the tesmart linked above?

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