HDMI or DP Freesync and does it even matter?

Since my brand new 1440p 75Hz Freesync monitor is arriving Wednesday :partying_face: , my question is, does it matter if the connection is HDMI or DP?
I’ve heard some stuff about issues with HDMI and Freesync, so I lean towards DisplayPort, but I have no evidence or anything…
And in general, does it even matter?
The GPU is RX480 8GB, just to be clear…

Have my daily driver monitor on DP Freesync (R9 Fury), have the monitor in my project on HDMI (RX 580). Both just work™

remember to enable FreeSync on the monitor

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To my knowledge, Freesync works only over DP in linux.


Ewww… Linux… Noooo… Gross…

Joking aside, I don’t use Linux.