HDD => SSD upgrade with Windows Storage Spaces


In my desktop PC, that is running Windows 10, I have 2x 4 TB hard drives in a 2-way mirror with Windows Storage Spaces. This is for media and other stuff, the OS and applications are on a separate drive.

I am upgrading these drives to 2x 8 TB SSDs.

What is the best strategy to do this?

  • create a new storage space with the new disks, copy over everything, change the drive letter
  • replace one of the HDDs with an SSD, sync the array, replace the other HDD, sync the array, and grow the partition (is this possible?)
  • use something else instead of Windows Storage Spaces

My reason for the last one, is that in the future (when HW prices normalize a bit) I plan on upgrading the main components, and I strongly consider Linux (Proton is getting really promising). As far as I know Linux can’t read Storage Spaces, so the migration would be a bit challenging. Is there a solution that is a bit more cross platform?

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