HDD please Stfu

Pretty much all I have on my HDD is games, rest is on ssd , BUT when ever I load up a game this won't stfu 




here's the closest thing I could find the describes the sound, it's not that load, it's not a metallic sound , it's just buzzing . What do

bad fan bearing? you could also put some rubber washers in to isolate yor hdd from the case

You haven't ever heard a noisy hard drive, this is a noisy hard drive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFtJneGfeZk

That's an IDE HDD from 1995 and thats what a noisy HDD sounds like.

I remember falling asleep to these sounds :P

Yea, I agree with Commissar. It doesn't sound like a HDD noise at all, that sounds like a very worn out fan. Easy thing to do is open the side and manually stop each fan slowly untill you hear the noise change as the fan slows down or stops. Then replace.

That is deffinately not a HDD. If it were, it would be grinding against something and be going too slow to load anything, as well as destroying your data. Thats a fan, either hitting a cable or dying a slow, painful death.

It's the hard drive, it only makes the noise when in use, which I've tested via resource monitor , also today I dusted out my computer and loosened the screws holding it in place, so far I haven't had a big uproar. 

try unplugging it and see if your pc still makes those noises. If not, I would deffinately back it up and buy a new HDD..

have already started, google drive is the future, thinking about doubling down on ssd's in raid 0 , or buying a new one. But holy tits dem ssd prices bustin my balls 

Hmm, HDDs are loud. They generally make a ticking, very fast sound. Could just be a failing drive.

I use wd caviar blue drives cant even hear them 90% of the time just the occasional spin up noise.

Do you have a  seagate drive by anychance?

using wd caviar blue 1tb , gonna record the noise maine, and this is very irrelevant but ya I have a segate drive that I got out of an at&t dvr which when I plugged in via e-sata , windows didn't recognize it as a normal drive it said it was a usb something. YUP 

Sounds like its fulty then wd blue drives are quiet for the most part.

Dar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iW0_g2Uhpo&feature=youtu.be


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SO as you can see it's $Logfile that is doing a shit load of reading a writing while I play games and not the games at all. Is there any way to disable this? and what does $logfile do?

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