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HDD advice

HDD Sentinel reported that one of my storage drives (1TB WD Blue) has 303 bad sectors and is at 19% health. There’s nothing really valuable on it, just some video games, so it’s not an emergency. But I’d still like to replace it with a new 2Tb drive.

Normally I wouldn’t even ask and I’d just get a HGST drive. But my only options at the moment are Seagate Barracuda, Western Digital (that I’m trying to avoid since the one I’m trying to replace is only two years old) or Toshiba P300.

I’m leaning towards the Toshiba drive even thought I’ve never owned one. I’ve heard good things about their newer HDD’s. Backblaze report on failure rate is kinda useless, so I’d appreciate any advice you can offer.

So would I to be fair…
Seagate haven’t been doing great lately and WD are meh… If HGST is not an option, Toshiba is the next brand I would look at…

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Afaik Toshiba is using one of the old HGST factories. Anyway i bought a X300 recently and it’s been great though idle noise is quite high. No load cycle bs due to headparking, it’s a classic hdd really. Perfect for my server though i would not want in my living room. My brother also has one his is a bit quieter guess there’s some variation then.

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I have had Seagate ironwolf in my san server for almost 2 years with no issues.

I have some Toshiba nas drives also. I just get what ever is the best deal.


They are all about the same to be honest since desktop use would recommend 7200 rpm other then that w.e