HDBT 3.0 CAT7 Ethernet Extender with 4k @ 144hz 4:4:4 in the works?

I am looking into getting an Ethernet extender that supports 4k @ 144hz 4:4:4 over Cat 7a. I had a look at Level1Techs and noticed that such a extender exists (i.e. HDBT 3.0 CAT7 Ethernet Extender — Level1Techs Store) but it only supports 4k @ 60hz/HDMI 2.0

Is it technically possible to support 4k @ 144hz / HDMI 2.1 with Cat 7a for shorter cable runs (in my case its max 15m i.e. 50 feet) and if so is such a product under consideration?

EDIT: Personally its actually closer to 10m (32 feet)

I don’t know the answer, but I’m using a 15m fibre HDMI 2.1 cable myself which was way (way!) cheaper than the linked HDMI Ethernet Extender.

Thanks, in this case the ethernet wiring is already inside the walls and since I am in EU there isn’t any conduit so unless I am going to rip open the walls it will stick this way.

Going by theoretical maximal distance 40GBe ethernet over cat7 is <50m and 100GBe < 15m it should barely be possible. Theoretical distance, not practical test are available from what I see.

But even simple fiber link will be both cheaper, and less energy hungry.

So we are talking for solution that is looking desperately for reason to exist. Make your own conclusion based on that :slight_smile:

Yes I am aware, thats why I am asking. Also made an EDIT to the original OP but at least for my personal case its actually 10m max which should be do-able.

I would imagine that such a product would be created in some future revision as a “why not” scenario, i.e. we still only officially support 4k @ 60hz but if you happen to have CAT 7a/8 over a short run then it can go up to 120/144hz

That probably won’t be happening, it would be very difficult, I agree with a previous comment to just run a fiber optic HDMI 2.1 cable