HD 7990 poor performance

I'm getting pretty low framerates for my XFX 7990 and I've tried drivers 13.11 beta to 13.9 and still no luck. On Far Cry 3, it runs at 60 fps until turn msaa to 2x on then it starts running at 30-40 fps. That just seems low for a 7990 to me. I got more performance out of my 660 ti that I switched from...


i5 3570 non k

asus p8z77 lk

XFX HD 7990

azza titan 1000w 80 plus bronze

kingston ssdnow 128 (boot drive)

WD blue 1tb (storage drive)

Request for any information and I'll try and get it for you. I'm new to this and I have no idea what to post atm. Any help is appreciated!


it might be from cpu bottlenecking...

Is this just Farcry 3 or every game?

Crysis 3 was lacking in general. Sleeping dogs and Tomb raider were at 60 fps maxed according to fraps but it looked nothing close to 60 with and without vsync. BF4 was a weird one with fps all over the place from 100-50 maxed (except res scaling) and Vsync would cap it below 30, even though fraps showed 60.

I'll keep this in mind. I've never seen any multi-gpu benchmarks with an i5 before and maybe this is why...

But I don't think it would bottleneck that hard.  This is strange.

are you sure that crossfire is on my friend with 7970 in CF forgot to turn it on and was wondering if he should be getting more fps lol.

In catalyst it doesn't display any crossfire settings except for frame pacing in the 3D applications section, which I found very odd. In GPU-Z, It says I have crossfire enabled so I think it is. I'm not sure though.