HD 7950 or GTX 760?

I currently have a hd 6870. Which one of these would be best to upgrade to?

if you were looking at them with out much worry about prices i would get a 760 but also you will need to consider that many more games will be more optimised for radeon because the ps4 and the xbone are both on amd cores now also the radeon 7950's do have more gddr5 ram onboard from what i can see

hope that helps have a good one


I have been wanting to switch to nvidia for a while now so i think i will go for the 760. Thankyou for the advice.

Right now they are both trading blows with each other. I just had to make this decision recently and I went with the 7950 due to the next gen consoles comming out. The next gen have a lot of vram for developers to play around with so we may start to see greater vram usage. I also got the 7950 with a 4pack game bundle. If you do get the 760 i would recommend buying the 4gb version for $20-$30 more.


But thats just my 2 cents. Both GPU's are fantastic and will offer you a great gaming experience.

Just because the next-gen consoles are AMD based, does not mean you should lean towards a AMD GPU. These games are being suited for more cores and more RAM usage, not just AMD. I'm not biased on this matter, but developers use GeForce as much as they do AMD.

Pick which ever suits your budget, and as "Warped" said above, go for more GB if possible as they are both great cards !

A radeon 7950 outperforms a 760. Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmGWyAyO9mc 

Tbh the 2 don't even come close. 7950 all the way, unless you're editing. 

The 760 is probably the "best priced" card on the market, at this time. You're getting a card that promises ultra textures and some post processing for a small amount.

The 7950 is a little more expensive, but it is the higher performing card, by a wide margin. When the 7950 is overclocked, it compares to an overclocked 770. I am in no doubt that the 7950 is just a really fantastic card, probably the "best all-round" card on the market. Look no further for a good card at either 1080p or even 1440p.

The 7950 gets my vote, if you want performance. If you want to save money and you aren't looking to ovrclock, the 760 is a solid contender.

If you're looking to edit, you can utilise both cards for productivity (depending on the software, one card might beat the other). However, there are better Nvidia cards for productivity. I believe the 660ti has more cuda cores in comparison to the 760. Though, the 760 is better for gaming. But, I happen to know little about editing, someone else could ellaborate more.

Glad someone else recognises this. Too many benchmarks leave the cards at stock values!

I am now torn between decisions and leaning towards AMD again. the good thing is there is a store where i live that sells the cards for the same price ( £215 ) so price is not really the make or break deal here. I think leaning more towards preformance over stuff like physx would be the best option, although i recognise that the 760 is a power card, the 7950 pulls a head. so thank guys for your opinions and helping me decide. 

I think the 7950 is worth it, but only if it has a good cooler. Otherwise, the 760 is probably a good idea. You would probably have to pay closer to £250 to grab something like the MSI Twin Frozr, to make the 7950 a solid investment.

I didn't realise you were in the UK. If you buy from OcUK, you can get a massive deal on qualifying AMD cards, including a range of 7950s. A good amount of free games. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=XX-006-AM&groupid=701&catid=56

Type the product codes into the search bar.


£240 with 5 good games. Worth it if you can afford it.