HD 7870 LE (Tahiti) & R9 Series CRossfire?


So I've just had a quick read about the new R9 Series of AMD gpu's. Apparently they are based on same old Tahiti architecture.
So I'm not wondering if this is the case, could my HD7870 LE (crippled Tahiti) potentially work in Crossfire with a newer R9 / R7 Series GPU?

I know its two different "Generations" but, if its the same architecture, should be somehow feasible right?

Cheers, Reg

it might work but you would probably be better off selling your 7870xt and getting a R9 290x if you are looking for high performace

Yeah true, but I'm leaning more towards finding the sweet spot, I always aim to spend under 300 euro on a GPU and with that I'm always more than pleased with the performance to cost ratio. I can't justify doing that this time round when my current GPU still does the job very well, albeit could use a bit of extra horsepower to get me at those sweet ultra settings (hence my temptation :D)

its to early to tell you will have to hold on for a while