HBO has came around

So it seems next year HBO will be selling HBO go without the need to have cable. Bet the cable companies are pissed

I really hope there isn't a catch.

I'm guessing since HBO won't know what the fuck they're doing they are probably going to charge the same amount as their cable subscription for the streaming.

i see network congestion in their future. gona have to pay out the ass to ISP's for more 'bandwidth'

I really hope not I would like to watch GoT in a legit way.

This is great to see and it is just the beginning. Now that HBO has done it other channels will follow.

ESPN announced they will be moving more content to the web as well. NFL is one of the last hold outs. 

HBO is usually like $16 or so, I cant imagine the streaming service to be that much. 

You get it for 3 months free with Netflix and Hulu then you forget about it and then wtf is this charge? lol

Yep, still have about 40 days left on mine. It's gonna suck, hah.

It will probably be all their shows except for the new ones. They will probably offset the new episodes by a week or so that way the cable companies have to upper hand still...

I would be willing to live with that.

A day later and CBS is now doing the same thing:

It's not as big of a deal as HBO since it is already available OTA if you get service, and the price is probably too high, but it's still good to see. I wonder how many channels will available on the internet by this time next year.

For me to get cable with HBO its $160. Comcast is fucking crazy my car payment is $175. I shut off my cable tv service and look forward to online subscriptions like this one. Paired with Netflix and cracker this would be all I needed short of the tennis and history channels. I think the cost will be on par with netflix

Some tennis can be watched online on ESPN 3 and a lot of history channel stuff is on Hulu

thanks I use googletv so I had to buy a roku for hulu and espn. I did not know hulu had history channel stuff I usually watch old school anime like patlabor and ghost in the shell. Do I still need to log into espn3 with a cable service provider? I have not used my roku since i returned my box

I don't think you need it for ESPN 3 but for other stuff you do