Having Trouble Setting Up i3wm/Sway


I just started a new job at a local ISP. My workflow involves a lot of typing and opening & closing a lot of browser tabs throughout the day. For the first two weeks of the job, I've been using Gnome as my desktop environment, but I would like to switch to either i3 or Sway for more efficiency. I find myself manually tiling windows with the mouse and this is time consuming when done every 30 seconds.

I’ve spent a little bit of time with both i3 and Sway, but I’ve had issues setting them up. I can’t switch my DE at work until I have a 100% stable and reliable experience.

What I Need

  • I would like to build the i3/Sway on top of Fedora Server; so that I can have a consistent desktop experience with no interference from other installed DE’s, such as popup notifications or themes.

  • Controls for volume and network.

  • Knowledge on how to configure for multiple monitors.

  • Screen lock, or at least how to customize i3lock.

  • urxvt terminal defaults as white, need to change its color theme so it doesn’t blind me.

Issues I've Had

  • I haven’t found a definitive guide on how to install Wayland or Xserver on a headless Fedora Server. I’ve followed different guides with varying levels of success.

  • i3 starts with an active terminal open. Quiting the terminal kills i3.

  • dmenu breaks on Sway, forcing me quit Sway altogether.

  • Unable to start dnfdragora, complains that it lacks privileges. Even when launching with sudo.

I think that’s all for now.