Have you ever been in a fight, Logan or Wendell?

Have you guys ever been in a fight? I want to know the details. What was it about? Did you win? What wounds did you incur? What happened to the other guy?

Hopefully you guys can answer this and not deemed 'inappropriate,' for the show, because you guys are both pretty big guys. Over 6 foot for sure.

And I remember Logan mentioning something like 2 guys trying to jump him and calling him "Money" or something, on tiger direct. That was one thing Logan mentioned, but he also said something to the effect of... "Yeah they tried jumping me, but failed, and I was chasing their asses down, running after them."

I just want to hear these interesting stories from you guys. come on, totally innocent :). I'm sure other people in the community feel the same way.

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I hope you're backing up your data... someone's backing it up. It aint you.

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Hilarious movie. Just madness.

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