Have these two motherboards. No idea what to do with them

So as it says, I have these two motherboards and I have no clue what to do with them.
I've toyed with Windows and Ubuntu on both of them and it's pretty slow on both.
Now this could be a hard drive issue as I am using older 5400rpm used drives for the testing.
But what could be some good uses for both machines?

Well with that big heat sink the first one would make a good coaster.

the second one would be cool if you put it on an ant hill and watched the ants crawl around it like a tiny little city with capacitor buildings


Well those both seem like pretty good ideas if they weren't working boards.
But they are both fully functional and were free.

you can make your own router

or build your own nas

or build an htpc

Throw a network card on the first and make a PfSense router out of it. FreeNas may be a bit slow, but you could try.

Turn the ASUS into a Ballz router:

Oldy but a goody!!!

Product page link for both would be good.

I just build a PFSense router and Love It. I regret that I took so long to build one.

Build a NAS,


Give them to me.

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You can turn them into TV boxes/streamers/vt machines, throw in some ssd's + Linux and they'll find a repurpose easily ;)

Man, love Hak5 and that video! That one was one of the two that had gotten me into the PFsense world, and I am very thankful for that. The other was Logan's PFsense build video that inspired me as well.

I have the bigger version of that one with a DC athlon SoC, and it supported ESXI, and it ran alright for a whitebox esxi server. Oh, almost forgot that I was very happy that I was able to OC the SoC CPU and the RAM as well, it even had a one touch OC dip switch which was awesome!

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Has a selection been made? The people are awaiting an answer ......... and product page.

Nas is a good idea.

First one is a good board with HDMI, and a PCI-E slot. However the second one is kinda MEH...

Well no real selection has been made as I have been working my ass off ever since posting this. But I will be toying with both today in terms of putting PFSense on both of them and seeing how they perform.

I will also be toying around with other versions of Linux to see what runs best on each one.
Thanks for all suggestions and I will be back in a few days to update everyone

So here is whats going to happen with these machines.

Asus currently has a Windows 7 install on it and I am going to take it to Windows 10 as my mom needs a new computer to just use for facebook and that's it.

The HP motherboard will get either Windows 10 or Ubuntu installed on it and it will be used as a dedicated "Google/Facebook Review" station for the business I work for.