Have both headphone and speakers plugged into back panel

The front headphone port on my case has a lot of noise. I'd like to plug my headphones to an audio port on the back panel. The problem is that I would have to switch cables behind my computer every time I want to switch between speakers/headphone. I'm trying to have both speakers and headphones connected to the back ports all the time and switch through software. My motherboard has VIA HD audio, I installed the HD VDeck but I couldn't find an option to reassign the headphone output to one of the ports on the back panel.
What do you suggest I do?
I can still plug my headphones to my monitor but it sounds kind of weird and it forces me to leave my monitor turned on when I just want to listen to music.

3.5mm jack switch, when I ordered one they sent me a RCA (red and white stereo) version on accident. I just used adapters to fix it. you will need a aux extension to from pc to switch (top port) and then plug in your headphones/speakers in the side ports.

i have the same issue.
And i simply use a jack splitter.

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I have the same problem, and what I do is have The headphones plugged into the green port, and speakers plugged into the blue port. When I want to switch I go into realtek audo manager and switch the one I dont want to use to a line in and enable the one I want

Thank you all for the suggestions. I think i might buy the jack switch later. For now I have my headphones plugged into the blue port and speakers to the green port, I managed to tell the drivers that both ports were plugged into the front speakers. Now all sounds come out of both of them all the time, so if I want to use the headphones I just have to turn off the speakers.