Have any of you used the Phanteks P600

I am getting ready to take my 3950X off the bench and suit it up proper in a chassis. I have a Define S2 that I haven’t used but, I am thinking about breaking away from my Fractal-fetish (already have builds in 2 other Define R6). I am considering the P600S this go-round. I can watch reviews all day but want to get observations from this group as I find you more knowledgeable. You’re going to ask what cooler - I am not sure I have three AIOs a Corsair H150i, Fractal Celsuis S36 and I recently picked up one of those Arctic freezer II’s - a 280mm with a thicker rad than most. I’'m going to use one of those. I know most here are all about the AIR … so don’t bash me on the cooler, its the chassis I am seeking input on and the P600S specifically.


If you use the P600S, leave the front cover off for cooling reasons.


What do you think of the P400A? I never liked the P600’s design…

Yeah i kinda agree it’s a bit of a strange case design if you ask me.
I think that the Enthoo series are better in that regards.
But of course i don’t use the P600.
But based on it’s design it looks pretty airflow restricted to me.

I crammed a 2950x and nine drives into a p600s, with a 360mm AIO.

So most of the case is a pleasure to work with, there’s lots of options for cable management, fan placement, etc. It’s heavy and that absorbs noise and vibrations.

Downside, the way the drives mount they’re hard to cool and even harder to service.

I keep my front panel open and the top panel closed. Even with the panels in place there’s plenty of vents on the sides for airflow provided you’re using high static pressure fans.

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I bought a P400A with the mesh front to put a MEG x570 Unify/3800X setup in but I put it back in its box after checking it out. It seemed a little thin and flimsy to me especially the PSU shroud and even the front panel - it wont take much to distort or dent that. So I pulled my x470Taichi/2700X build out of a Define R6 it was in and used that for the Unify setup instead. I’ll transplant the Taichi build into the P400A. It will help in selling off the Taichi setup.

That would be the only way I would roll with it - removing the front and top panels.
I like how tall it is compared to my Defines - I could top mount a decent thick 35/40mm 280 Rad in there and still no worries with RAM clearance.

And what about the Phanteks Enthoo series?

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I looked at that (Enthoo 719) great suggestion - it’s a monster chassis - but I don’t need all that drive storage I’m using all NVMe with perhaps an additional 2.5 SSD - no spinners. I’m not all that excited about the looks of the P600 either - it’s that mesh front and top that intrigue me - thinking I may get some better air flowing than with the Fractal R6/S2/Meshify.

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Yup that is understandable.
The thing now days is that there are just soo many cases,
and many look very similarily copied designs etc,
there is just soo many to choose from.
Unfortunately the days of really large hardware stores,
where you could spend all day walking around looking at the,
the latest and greatest stuff are kinda over.
Which is pretty unfortunate.
Reviews do help some, but in the end it’s nice if you just could,
look and feel the stuff.

It’s kinda hard to recommend something personal as a computer case.
Because that is trully something very personal in the sense of looks.
Of course there are decent case manufacturers and there are cheap rubbish ones.
But in the end it just depends on what you prefer personally.

  • Fractal Design.
  • Phanteks.
  • NZXT.
  • Coolermaster.
  • Lian Li.

Those are generally pretty decent case brands.

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One case i personaly like in comparison the like the Phanteks P600S,
is like the CoolerMaster H500M but it’s kinda expensive i believe.
But yeah again those things are really personal.

@MisteryAngel You are correct cases are very personal choices. I was just curious about real-life experiences with the P600S like does it really move air as well as claimed and does that cloth mesh hold up over time and how was cable management using those slider covers etc. . I suppose I’ll have to drop my own dime on one to find out, ha -

Yes @gordonthree - thank you for sharing your fist hand experience!

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Yeah sorry cannot really be helpfull with that haha. :slight_smile:
Maybe somebody up here happens to have that case,
and could eventually answers some of your questions.
Otherthings you could do is looking up reviews on YT.
However those generally don’t always tell the things you like to know.

I am using Noctua PPC Industrial fans for intake, 3000 RPM high static pressure, I have good suction on the front grill. For exhaust I am using the cooler master fans that came with the radiator. There is a good breeze coming out of the top rear vent, with the top plate closed.

I doubt it will, it’s made from a rubbery plastic. However, it is not the air filter, so if it degrades it will just look ugly but the case will remain functional.

If you are mounting drives, you will remove most of the sliders. I prefer the rubber finger type grommets, but the sliders get the job done. Here’s the “pretty side” of my threadripper in the 600s. I have since added two more video cards, so it’s pretty stuffed now.

One kinda odd thing is how they centered the PSU in the case. Rather than have it flush against the bottom shroud there’s maybe an 40mm gap there. Had they moved the PSU over that would have added some much needed room on the other side of the case for cable management

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Nice build!

It’s those plastic sliders I am iffy about especially with using a CableMod Pro series kit - they look nice but aren’t all that flexible. My OCD will kick in if all the sliders don’t match up especially as I won’t have any drive caddys helping to cover them up. And good to know about the PSU mounting orientation and tighter clearance on the backside. There sure is plenty of room in the roof for mounting Rads - that is nice, no issues with VRM heatsinks or tall rams. I could not find a head on shot like that when browsing through pcpartpicker completed builds. What you mentioned regarding the mesh was helpful too. I have read it gets ratty easy and that sometimes starts to pull away from the frame. But if it is serviceable that may not be such a big deal.

Thank you for the details, I really appreciate it.

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Good luck with your build. I think the 600s would be great for a flash only build. The hard drive thing is my big regret with the case. Mine is a server that lives mostly out of sight out of earshot. Waiting for the summer time to see how loud it gets with those three big intake fans cranked up.

After seeing the P500A shown at CES, that’s the Phanteks chassis I’d like to build in but, it’s not for sale yet. So, for this build I decided to use the Define S2. I’ll use the P500A in the next build.


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