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Have a question regarding CPU's and working outdoors in hot environments

Good morning all!

So, I work in very hot (120 deg) and very cold (-10 deg) environments throughout the year, nearly always outside and exposed. It’s been a few years since I’ve build a new PC and could use help.

Between the ryzen 9 3900x and the i9 9900, which is more suited to temperature extremes? I’m looking into getting a milspec Pelican-style case with an AC unit on the back, but if that doesn’t come through…

Also, work with visible spectrum sensors and will need to be able to pull raw, 4k data at up to 60hz (BIG files) from 2-3 sensors simultaneously. With a board loaded with as much RAM as I can stuff in there, is one more suited to that level of data collection?

Thanks much.

So the intel part has a higher maximum temp but also draws more power. On the other hand the AMD part draws less power but has a lower maximum temp. Realistically you will have to just pick one and go with it… I dont think your problem will be the CPU though. Whats your budget look like and maybe others can brainstorm components.

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One thing to consider is that +50C and -23C are outside of most components ambient working temperatures.

This will (probably) have the largest effect on things such as SSDs or HDs.

You’re on a whole new level.

Post your build when you do it!

Military budget, so cost isn’t necessarily a huge issue. I’m also looking into a case with a filter on the AC unit in the back. I’m still blowing desert sand out of our current setup from 6 months ago.

Incidentally, if this helps anyone willing to give ideas, we use the Kaya coax-express capture cards and generally collect the data to the M2 drives before transferring to high capacity spinners.

Thanks for the quick responses.

Yeah, pretty sure that’s what’s killing our current setup. Current boards are Aorus X299’s. Not what I would have picked but the last setup was ordered when I was on vacation and out of reach. Since this project has a much higher budget allotment, want to go as beefy as possible. It’s also why I’m looking to mount the system in a 4U rackmount which will allow me to put it inside a milspec AC controlled case. Something like the defender series from eicsolutions.

Something you might want to consider is checking out AVADirect. They will do just about anything if you talk to them and explain what you’re trying to do. If you want to build it yourself, I totally understand that.

Having said that, the new gigabyte boards for AMD like the x570 master have probably the best VRM setup on a motherboard. If anything is up to the task of handling extreme high ambient temps its that.

I havent been paying attention to the Intel side as much since AMD has basically the best bang for buck currently.

Are these heavily filtered? If not I would avoid rack mount cases unless you’re going to come up with a filter system too. Also limits your options on coolers.

My thought is you want this thing to be damn near passive with little airflow required. I’m not sure how hot that capture card runs but any decent midrange gpu will be fine for your 4k 60hz requirements so long as its not having to render anything 3d.

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Have you called up General Dynamics? This application doesn’t sound like it would be well served by off the shelf components.

Don’t forget cooling for chipsets and VRM’s, they can get pretty hot too

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typical pc’s cooling systems operate by the cpu fan forcing cooler air through heatsink fins and the case/ power supply fans evacuating the excess heat from the case. this causes a problem of dust infiltration through any opening whether its a seam gap or ventilation perforations. a passive form of ventilation!
many people will reverse the orientation of the case and psu fans forcing air in But that presents the problem of forcing dust into the system.
Filtration is necessary in this instance but must be carefully designed to be efficient enough to protect the equipment.
even with ac units attached its vital to have the filters large enough to prevent nuisance maintenance issues.
consider building a box framework with the air intake pipe on one panel and filters on the other five panels. this will give you a very large filter surface area as compared to just one filter over the intake.

seeing that you are in an excessively hot environment you need aggressive cooling

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Wait, the AC case is just for travel or is the system gonna be operating inside of it?
I mean, that would change things quite a bit.

In general I might go with second gen ryzen for something that has to be rock solid or third gen if you need the drive speed of PCIe4.

I’m thinking even if you get the system sealed (fixed stack of cables and pipe connectors for ac cooling), wouldn’t condensation be an issue if system’s in the cold? Do you just line the case with spongy insulating material and cross your fingers?

Regarding computing specs, have you looked into epyc rome? Lots of pcie lanes and ram supported


This may be crazy but would it be possible to run the PC from inside a vehicle like a truck, SUV or van? Your would get the benefits of AC and weather proofing and have a mobile power source. You could run the COAX through sealed Appleton connectors.

Seems like this would be easier if you can simply remove the outdoors all together.