Haunted Windows laptop repeating sounds during and after windows update

Once the update finished, it still did it. also persisted through a reboot.
Maybe Microsoft shouldn't have fired the testers.

At least it'll remind me of what i say that can be spyable? since it dual boots linux, i might not bother fixing it, its funny to say i have a haunted pc, and ill have most functionality in linux.

go to control panel an set it to classic mode if you haven't already or use search to find "sound" settings. under the recording tab see if "stereo mixer" is enabled. if it is disable it.

thanks, but i think ill leave it haunted for a bit

That's Microsoft, you are the beta tester now, and still you'll have to pay for it (with money, or with your privacy).
I'm sorry, but they really fucked it up with Windows 10.

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Have you tried to run a AV or malware reporter?

Money or not, you won't be seeing privacy with them.

Just to conclude this, i just posted this because I thought it was a funny glitch. Went into sound settings, and saw that the mic test option enabled itself, so disabled it fine.

Doubt anybody is mad that i disregarded their help, because I was clear that I didnt care about this laptop.