Haswell-E Enthusiast Cpu

Has anyone gotten their hands on the new Haswell-E cpus? This is a big change, can't wait to see it reviewed!

there have been a few for sale on ebay over the last 2 months. I saw one that was selling for 3k. most just saying confidential. property of intel and all that jazz.

Going to order one when I can get my hands on one for a reasonable price. I also have an MSI X99 motherboard waiting :).

As far as i know, haswell-e is not out yet. But yeah its not realy that mindblowing to be honnest.

5820K 6 core 3.3GHz 15MB cache 28 pci-e lanes.

5930K 6 core 3.5Ghz 15MB cache 40 pci-e lanes

5960X 8 core 3.0Ghz 20MB cache 40 pci-e lanes.

And all are 140W tdp lol

I've been excited for the Haswell-E's since they were announced. Wish I could buy one on release, but it would take me a long time to save for the CPU, board and DDR4. Plus, unfortunately I need to move at the end of this month, so most other stuff is up in the air.

If memory serves they're releasing in september.. but don't quote me on that

They moved it up to August 29. That's when the NDA expires, apparenly. I'm really looking forward to Tiny Tom Logan's review of it; he has the best hardware review videos around.