Has xfinity limited youtube?

i have noticed lately that I can no longer can stream youtube in 1080p with out it stoping ever 2 seconds. I have to drop the resolution to 720p. I have done many tests and tried netflix, Hulu, and some other and they have stayed the same, running perfectly at very high bitrate 1080p. I have done speed tests, and they are the same as always, I've also tried some test torrents and I still get my constant download speed. Youtube has been like this for 2 weeks now, so I figured it wasn't a problem with youtube but with xfinity. If I turn on my VPN youtube plays fine at 1080p but not everything in my house can connect to the VPN, like my tv. 

has anyone else been have this problem also, or am I The only one?


also not completely sure if is in the right forum.

woo gotta love comcast and their demand for money from "bandwidth" intensive things. they got netflix, youtube will be next.

yeah until one of those companies decides to do p2p, hml5 should be able to do that out of the box http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-html5-20080122/#peer-to-peer

ISPs won't really be able to block content, unless they turn their networks into walled garden intranet.

Nobody is going to pay for that. Because if your option is no internet or no internet... Youg people might choose the 3rd option: upheavel & revolution.

Some People have already begun building mesh-nets. The first thing anybody is going to do with those meshnets is run popcorn time.

The governing elites as well as the corporations have already poven that they are incapable of integrating those "new" technologies into society, that's why they are loosing the control.  (having to implement draconian measuers like blackmailing netflix & corrupting the FCC = loosing control)

Yeah... comcast took a dump on my youtube connection. Only when I forget to use my vpn though.