Has Microsoft Blocked Updates on Windows 7/8.1

Hey all,

As the title says but i know Microsoft has try to disable Updates on newer CPU's.

But i'm not using Ryzen or Kaby Lake, I'm using an old Z97 motherboard i just did a clean install of Windows 8.1 and try to run Windows Update but for some reason it will not find any updates.

Is this Microsoft's way off forcing people to Windows 10????

As far as I understand they only block updates for Ryzen (even though Ryzen as of yet still works) and Kaby Lake (which is already disabled). Additionally to that, you have to install that "blocker" yourself in an update (even though I'm not sure if updating still works without that specific update).

When clean installing I had the same issue every now and then, it just took a bit of time and an automatic update to catch new updates.

Is there an error anywhere? For Ryzen/Kaby Lake there's an error message that those CPUs would not be supported.

No there is no error it just keeps searching.

Earlier it was searching for over an hour and it didn't find anything i have run Windows Updates about 6 times now and it's the same everytime, The green bar just keeps going across and that's it.

I had to phone Microsoft after i did a clean install of windows cause it didn't accept my key code and the guy claims it's an ISP issue so i phone my ISP and they said it's not cause i'm connected to the internet which i knew anyway.

Yeah, i've dealt with this all the time, you can try using WSUS to download updates outside of the windows updater: http://download.wsusoffline.net/

After you finished updating, it'll work natively again.


Thanks for that i'll trying it out now.

Should i stop Windows Update or just let it keep running?

The error you get when doing updates on the Kaby lake is obvious. Extremely obvious. The WSUS option should get you squared away.

My Ryzen system pulls it windows update whenever there is one.

Apparently they haven't stopped them yet, but they did announce they will stop it some time (for 7 and 8/8.1 only obviously).

It is fine.
Hey, I learned how to inject drivers into ISOs in the process of building this rig.


Yeah, stop that Windows Update and start the WSUS.

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This has been the status quo for quite some time. It's as simple as those OSs are at the bottom of the priority for their update servers. Keep trying, if it doesn't eventually work you may need to manually install some key updates before the update function will work.

I should note that it can take 3-4 days...

They've stopped them. I have a full thread here somewhere about testing patching on an affected processor. After you install the malware KB.

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Ah well good to know, but just out of curiosity, the updates keep coming if you don't install the update responsible?

OK found it

The patch can be uninstalled as well but we don't have any post-KB4012218 patches to see if those will patch without KB4012218 installed or not.

guess that answers it :smiley:

Well that's my preliminary findings. I'm assuming,m since Patch tuesday last week, that the new patches will not install without KB4012218 installed (I call it malware KB.) It's been on my list of things to test but I've been swamped with other things.

Here's the more detailed spiceworks thread:

Edit: It's also worth noting that MS seems to be strong arming 3rd party patching companies to support their stance as well.

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I had the same issue with Windows7, searching for updates is searching forever.
This issue is allready there since the launch of Windows10 in 2015.
MS does indeed cripple the update services in other Oses.
You have to install an update for the windows update service.
Unfortunatlly allot of telemetry gets backported aswell.

Basiclly the best way of creating an up to date Windows 7 or 8.1 OS,
is simply download all the security related KB updates manually,
and then slipstream into a fresh iso.
But thats a shit ton of work.

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Just went through this with my own fresh new install of 8.1. Give it about a day or two to just download the updates on it own just set it to 'Check for Updates but to allow you choose updates'. Now when you do get a notification to install updates DON'T install them all one at time one of those dam updates left my system hanging for a day.

Also before you install anything just make a system restore just in case.
Lucky for me, I made a system restore ahead of time then installed 5 updates at a time.

You have a guide for that? I wanna try that

@MisteryAngel @shu_kaze

Installing updates is a pain the ass if you want to check each one bye hand and that just takes too long.

I think with the Optional Updates i might just go F it and not bother with them even tho Microsoft claims some of those updates are "Recommended Update" so i'm not really sure about those ones if there the only ones worth updating in the Optional Updates.

Thanks all for passing on some advice.

http://www.nliteos.com/index.html The software to customize windows based OS.
And then follow this guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEAHuHbwzxA
I did some more modifications, but that is basically it. Then Win7 knows how to USB 3.1 and you are golden.

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Teah all of my systems non-10 can't update either except on the old update system for xp and 2k. Its more thank likely that thisbis just more shit they are pulling. Everyone wants to argue that you can use an older version of wjndoss, and yeah, you can, but its only a matter of time before that install explodes or gets ransomeware or some other stupid shit. If they really have killed the updates for the older systems now then I wonder what people will do when steam isn't on 10 in a few months that will be hilarious.