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Has anyone seen a tool with per core Ryzen temperatures?

I am pretty sure the Ryzen die has multiple thermal sensors in it, yet I have never seen any tool that would give anything like Intel’s per core temperatures.
Has anyone ever seen any software that could get multiple temperatures out of a single Ryzen die? I am starting to think that the reason it is not possible at all to read out multiple die temperatures is that AMD simply have not bothered to implement any mechanism for it in the HW.

Bumped. I would like to know this as well.

dont have ryzen yet, but coretemp says it supports it.

make sure you select more downloads… standalone version.

I can confirm coretemp does not work. It gives one temp


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Only other thing I can think of that would show all the sensors possibly accessible would be hwinfo

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HWinfo does give per core power.
I have the suspicion AMD does not have temp sensors in every core.

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If there are sensors in each core (unlikely), there’s no way to access it.

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Managed to dig up this:
There are a ton of sensors in every CCX, but I guess reading out individual sensors is not really a thing?

C&P that image here for backups:


Yeah, it seems that they probably have them per core. Let me see if I can dig into it some more.

They are likely in a restricted firmware access level that the OS can never see for security reasons just saying … the average of all is what you get on a read out


If its not in a CPU ring that can be seen by the OS… Its a good thing cuz there could be an exploit made to alter the temperature reading and force the system to crash

I’m not sure if they have temp sensors per core.
The previous FX cpu’s did not have them.

I mean they could just make those registers read only or something instead.