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Has anyone here tried a Dell 790 SFF with a 1050 Ti? Does the GPU perform just as well with only 35W from the PCIe slot?

Title says it all really. Looking to build a 1080p gaming system for my little sister out of an old 790 SFF I own.

I’ve done it with an optiplex 3020 with no issues. I actually may have one where I work and could test that.

Looks like this guy did something similar.

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Thank you so much for the reply!

I saw the video but it is kind of hard tying to find exactly the same benchmarks with a normal system with a 1050 Ti.

Also, it seems like that your 3020 has a PCIe power limit of 50W instead of 35W (although I am not so sure) so I don’t want to bother you with testing that if it is not applicable.

It would be of help if you had a 1050 Ti in a “normal” system and did a benchmark with settings similar to the video so we could somewhat compare framerates.

Thanks again!

If I have time tomorrow I could give a crack at it.

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That would be tremendous, but please don’t go out of your way to do it.

Again, many thanks!

AFAIK it shouldn’t make a difference how much current is pulled through the PCIe socket. The PCIe socket input and the PCIe Pin Inputs go to the same powerplane, so whatever is missing from the Socket will come from the PSU directly.

Isn’t the point of a x50Ti that they don’t have PCI-E power connectors? Breaking the PCI-E spec and not supplying the full 75 watts could be a problem. Looking at the GPU specs seems to suggest if you are actually limited to 35w it wouldn’t be enough, but I don’t know if it will just throttle or what.

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Oh, good point. Right, they don’t have a PCIe connector…

Then I guess even if it works, it’ll just throttle with not enough power :thinking:

Struck out on 790’s today, maybe tomorrow.

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