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Hardware with linux support but no windows support?

Simple question, windows has hardware that only works with it, right? Does linux?

Thinking more along the lines of the desktop / workstation area.

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Can’t think of anything specific for desktop/workstation. Occasionally you’ll come across stuff where drivers for Windows were abandoned years ago as the vendor moved on but the device will work with Linux just fine (I’ve got a couple of USB wifi dongles that fit into this category). Occasionally for new hardware it’s supported in the latest Linux Kernel ahead of stable Windows drivers becoming available.

In the Enterprise server space I’d expect there could be some HBA’s and FC kit that was never designed with Windows Server in mind.

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I’m sure there’s something really obscure but not likely in the normal desktop space. It wouldn’t make sense for anything modern to be.

Super computers.


Would new stuff from the power9 architecture count?

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AMD GPUs :crazy_face:


Not sure how good Windows runs on ARM, so likely all the bazillion SBC’s are Linux exclusive.

As said, not sure how good that would go. As far as I can tell, windows is a performance hog. So a Khadas VIM3 or LattePanda Alpha are required to get useable performance out of that.
Do we have someone here willing to test? :man_shrugging:

Apparently the native ARM apps run like greased lightning, but the x86 apps are a little meh because of the limitation of being only 32-bit and emulating.

Definitely still “new” feeling.

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It does? I mean they advertise that, but I’m certain most of that stuff has been hacked to use Linux.

well i dont see anyone running windows on sparc
oracle t4 only supports solaris and the like

The Hauppague TV tuners.

They run with OOTB drivers on Linux, but to use it on Windows, if you have no installation CD, no TV for you.

Yes, they still require a optical drive and your original installation CD to install newer drivers and software. No proof of the original installation CD? No software on Windows.

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