Hardware Unboxed

This guy, Steve is kicking goals. Look at Jayz2cents review of the ryzen APU’s. It cry I can’t make it work to the effort and thought Steve is doing. And of course gamers nexus which clearly got triggered by thermal toothpaste.


Steve is a God Tier benchmarker, also this video is a nice response to all the nonsense from AdoredTV

Haven’t watched any of the Hardware Unboxed AMD APU stuff yet, I’ll check it out. I do like Gamers Nexus, which video are you referring to about the thermal paste? Steve at GN does seem overcritical about design choices on occasion but I believe it is mostly satire.

nice, answers a question I had myself

A 1 fps gain doesnt seem worth it

I watched the first video posted by the OP. It answered a lot of questions I had as well.

What I gathered from the video:

The iGPU uses system memory.
The memory allocated to the iGPU can be changed in the UEFI (64MB-2GB).
The iGPU isn’t limited to the allocated memory.
The performance difference between allocating 64MB and 2GB is negligible.
The memory bandwidth is ~35GB/s compared to the RX 550 which is 2-3x as much.

Questions I have now:

How would other OSes perform should the iGPU need more memory than allocated?
Is the difference in memory bandwidth due to the bus interface or because DDR4 is slower than GDDR5(x)?
How much of an impact would memory speed have on performance?
How many Gh/s? (jk)

gives you a nice idea on how starved the vega igpu is for memory bandwidth, really nice scaling up to his top end kit tested (3466mhz)

the presumption is that it has horses to spare but sadly held back by even high speed ddr4 modules.

10 minutes in is the chart on memory scaling

We are only really going to know how vega11 performs once we see the intel part that has 2gb of dedicated hbm2 slapped on it :smiley:

Is this a case of intel and amd dividing market segments between them and trying to ‘starve’ out nvidia from the low end / mid range.

I would say so

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Not really – it’s a partial answer, to be sure, but the whole point of those “ECS” boards steve rejects out of hand, and the cases they come in, is a. shit VRMs (and their throttling definitely affects cpu perf), and b., shit cooling / airflow / heat dissipation. Now of course in some sense that is nothing new, but at the same time, Intel’s SKUs now have to get 6 cores to perform in the same thermal envelope that in the last gen was dedicated to 4 cores. Something’s gotta give (just like intel’s ‘Ultrabook’ laptop chips in their first passes tend to outperform Ryzen chips, but from the second on do not).

I think Steve pointed out in the video that HBM2 prices are still very high. I don’t know if even 2GB HBM2 would be cost effective for a low end part, at least on desktops.

the intel part is not going to be low end…

hence the whole dividing of market

DDR4 is 64-bit per channel so 128-bit in dual channel which gives 3.2 * 128/8 = 51GB/s (Given 3200MHz memory). An RX550 also has an 128-bit bus width, the GDDR5 on that card has a 7Gbps bandwith which gives 7 * 128/8 = 112GB/s.

A difference of 1333MHz with a gain of ~50fps in CS:GO. Wow that’s a big difference

You are right…No one is going to buy a 4G card not when 8G is the norm and well the next gen GFX cards need to be 12 min or expected 16G to keep up with binary.

Steve does indeed allot of extensive benchmark work,
which he doesnt allways get the credits for.
This doesn´t mean that i agress with every video he makes.
But he does put allot of work and afford in it definitelly.