Hardware hack: iPad panel as a second monitor

Goal: To have a small tablet-like second monitor. It will be running the metro interface most of the time and monitor my system, while my main monitor will be used to run games.

I need help trying to use an ipad retina display work as a second monitor.

I've watched the video where Logan and Wendell made the display as the main display. The problem with that is the controller they used costs $115 shipped. I really don't want to spend $200 for this project, I just want to spend around $100. Secondly, they said that the digitizer can't be used, I really want it to act as a touchscreen not just as a second monitor.

I've been doing research and found a guy who made a simpler version, no power button no backlight controller, but it looks like he hasn't worked on it in a while. He said his goal was to make the controller about $40, which is perfect for me. http://emerythacks.blogspot.com/

As for the digitizer, one of the commentors from the blog posted this "link". One commentor replied saying that won't ship just one Stateside. 

With all that in mind, does anyone have any suggestion to how to go about this. And any other alternative

PS: I only have basic knowledge of electronic circuitry.

Rather than getting all hacky with an iPad screen, why not just buy a small 5:4 monitor and mount it on an arm? It'd be cheaper, and I'd forgo the touch aspect to keep costs down.


^ I'd get this and a decent multi-position arm to do the same thing with the iPad screen without the costs and unfinished look.

I really like want that tablet feel. And if I was going to go with an actual monitor I would just go with another 23" or get a 1440p and make my current one the slave monitor 


I don't need an extended desktop app. I can already do that with my nexus 7 and Asus wfigo. And the problem with that is the latency it produces, and you have to sacrifice a full fledged tablet

Go 1440p and keep the old. The iPad screen is a fun little project, but in the end I don't think it'd be as useful as you think.

If it's mainly for the Metro interface and some small programs, then I don't see why you think latency is a problem.



Rather just waste time trying to run a 4K monitor. Save that iPad display as a spare part for anyone else and get more money.

I have tried it, the latency gives a very bad experience. Metro was meant to be a smooth experience.

1st its not a 4k panel
2nd im buying an ipad replacement screen off ebay for $55 

I never said it was a 4K panel -.-