HardFormat -UNBOOTING- Android Tablet [TAB-720v]

Dear Syndicate,

I’ve acquired a -shitty- Vizta TAB-720v android 2.3 tablet. After seeing the first “Android” logo, penguin, and last “Android” logo… It stucks there and won’t boot to the OS.

No working hard-rest key combination found so far. Windows doesn’t recognize the device when plugging it in. Also gave it half and hour and would still load endlessly.


Thus: Any techniques, programs, etc; that may work to simply format the tablet and install the OS (without having to boot entirely)?

Bonus Query: Would it be worth it -can I,- format the whole thing and experiment with some linux software or other type of OS’?


Thank you for your time,



You got bootloops. Have you flashed it at all?

Turn it off > Hold volume and the power button at the same time until menu appears > Select appropriate choice to recover.

Yes!!! I'll search for it now that you gave me the new vocab : P. But if you have any tips, please proceed!

And, don't know how to flash it. Haven't done it on a tablet.

Thanks; tried multiple key combinations, but none seem to work. Need other solutions.

Did you try the combination I suggested or not though?

Yes, I tried yours and several more from the internet.