Hardest Part of Building a PC?

Hey everyone, soon i'll be building my first pc and im very nervous mainly because I think i'll screw something up -.- Anyways what do you guys think is the hardest part of building a pc.

My opinion from watching videos and reading articles is either plugging in the right wires, applying thermal paste, or setting up the bios. What do you guys think the hardest part of building a pc is?

The easiest by far from looks is putting the power supply in lol. Anyways thanks.

You've put toast in a toaster right? If so you can build a computer :D

The hardest parts by far are cable management and overclocking, mostly because both just require a lot of patience. The easiest parts are probably installing the CPU and RAM.

I always mess up the part with the thermal paste. I end up using way too much.

The easiest, but "scariest" part is putting the CPU in, but the hardest part is post-assembly, either managing cables, as Vortex said, or adding on upgrades, such as a second GPU, and encountering issues with PSU limitations, or adding on watercooling, and encountering issues. The actual assembly is very simple, and goes by in a few hours with your first rig, including some simple cable management.

Cable manangement is definitely the hardest part, if you are using an AMD chip then overclocking isn't that hard, it only took me a couple hours.

I think the hardest part is carrying it up the stairs when you use a full tower case

I'd agree with a bunch of people in the thread; cable management is by far the hardest. Also watch out for getting the front I/O connectors write, I found them really fiddly.

Try using a full tower, double-wide Case Labs, and carrying it up the stairs. 

Breaks legs

To me the hardest part is figuring out if some things won't fit due to physical size before you've actually purchased ANY of the parts. Large heatsinks, graphics cards, RAM, etc. are usually the main culprits.

You can know all the measurements but sometimes you just won't know if there'll be that 1 cm of clearance between two things until you actually build it.

Although, this is really only a concern if you're building in a smaller form factor case or are using a particularly massive heatsink or graphics card.

hardest part for new builders is getting the right parts at a good price in their budget.  The hardest part for me even after building 6 computers is the cable management I just don't always have the patience to sit there and do it and often find my self redoing it like a week after I built the system.

No overclocking only takes a couple of hours, considering you have to make sure it's stable by running Prime 95 for at least 12 hours.

yeah, the front panel connectors can be very annoying, especially if you have big hands like me.

my personaly hardest part of building a computer is installing an afthermarket big cpu cooler. and edding thermal compound. i use the stock cooler for now haha, but i know someday i will need to experiment with it.. cause i realy want an aftermaket aircooler. ☺

i still remember the first pc i build a socket 775 pentium 4 there came a stock cooler with those push down clips, woow it was a terrible system, cost me a few  finger nails that time haha :P i was so happy that the AMD Fx8350 cooler came with a good easy to use system


For me it is the overclocking... i have overclocked my FX-8350 but that was with ASUS Performance Setting on the Sabertooth 990FX

Finding somewhere to put all the unnecessary packaging after building 

Damn that is very true. Especially when you are in that limbo as to whether to keep them for possible transport or get rid of them. I end up just going in cycles between hoarding boxes and then just throwing out like 10+ at a time. 

  1. The front panel connections
  2. Cable Management
  3. I/O Sheild Plate
  4. Sometimes the cooler (if it has lots of hardware)