hey quick question, I recenlty built a computer and everthing is running smoothly. One thing, I have a SSD and a HDD and windows recognizes them both but everything automatically goes to save on the SSD, what can I do so everything saves automatically on the HDD instead?


That all depends on what it is that you want to save.... if you are torrenting, Make a folder on your HDD and set that as your download folder.

If its documents and browser downloads, you can set those default locations in the options.

If its a program, you can choose your install location to your second drive. I have steam installed to my HDD as I use my ssd as a windows and utility drive.

Thats what I do anyway. Once you have it setup, it works well. If you play a lot of games and do downloads, I would recommend getting a seperate drive for each. Its a lot of load on a single drive to be torrenting and gaming simultaneously. I had a couple drives die on me pre-maturely because of that.


Either transfer the OS on the HDD and use that as the primarey drive, or set up a lot of symbolic links redirecting saves to the HDD.

oh ok cool, thaks for the help, I don't want everything to go to my SSD!


how exactly do you set the default location? I thought I got it vut I found the dowloaded images back my SSD. I'm using windows 8 btw.

oh ok, thanks