Harddrive getting Hot


I was having some issues with my laptop. The harddrive is getting hot.

I then changed the harddrive to a new harddrive which is new and did not get hot in other laptops, but still gets hot in this laptop.

So the harddrive is getting hot in this laptop independently of the harddrive. What does this mean ? Is there anything I can do?

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Im pretty sure it just means is that your hard drive area isn't getting enough cooling. Usually where the ram and HDD are on laptops, there are slits for the HDD and ram to breath and get passively cooled. I suspect your hard drive is getting hot because the slits/holes (whatever they are called) are not large enough to cool your HDD sufficiently enough. 

There's not much you can do without ruining/messing with the plastic cover that covers your HDD. 

is your laptop on a flat surface, e.g. a table, or is it on your lap? you may be blocking some of the vents, or it just could be not the best design.

Thanks for the reply.

I should have been more precise. The laptop gets extremely hot on any surface. I do not dare to put it on carpet or anything like this. so it is on a flat normal table without anything blocking the airflow.

I tried to clean it with high pressure air and the temperature of the cpu dropped about 10 °C. But the temperature of the harddrive is still too high(above 60°C).

I should say that the laptop is around 8 years old. And i put in an ssd connecting it with SataI and it is still very slow. When I put the same ssd in an T60 also connected with SataI it was much faster. Could there be something wrong with the Mainboard causing the harddrive to run hot?

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Its not your motherboard causing your hard drive to run hot. It runs hot because of poor ventilation for your hard drive. There isn't much you can do other than get a laptop cooling pad, giving your HDD the air it needs. There's not much else you can do.