Hard time choosing a monitor - design work

So I have a flexible budget of around $350 and I’ve been looking at monitors for a while now. It's just become increasingly frustrating the more I learn about them. PLS? IPS? (What version?) AH-VA? Is that the real contrast ratio or some made up scale? What’s the REAL response time?

- The monitor has to be 1440p and it has to be Matte.

- My main concern is color reproduction, but since I can't look at anything I really can't trust anything I read. I do video editing, graphic design, 3d modeling, sculpting, and gaming. I pretty much do everything on my monitor. I’m not looking for anything insane. I realize my price point kind of limits me, but realistically anything would be an upgrade compared to my current TFT panel, it just needs to be accurate.

- I need at least 90Hz, 96Hz being ideal, I hear that is the sweet spot for video and I really have no need to go crazy with this. Definitely willing to Overclock.

- I would like a response time of 6ms G-2-G, but a realistic RT of 12ms would be fine. The more I read about response times the more it just seems like a crapshoot.

- Inputs: so long as it has at least 1 DVI or HDMI port I’m good.

- Audio: ...just kidding.

Any help narrowing down my search would be greatly appreciated.


[EDIT - SOLVED]: I went with the Crossover 27QD-P after much deliberation.

I would recommend a Korean monitor. I have had one for quite some time and it's brilliant. It's glossy so i cant really comment on how a matte would be but i imagine it to very good.

There is a video on the channel though.


The X-Star DP2710 multi is overclockable.

Although considering what you are using it for you should probably go ahead and save up some more money and get an Asus PB278QR as they come pre-calibrated.

Watch the video. He explains what the differences are between the different panels.


I should have mentioned i have heavily referenced TekSyndicate reviews in my search.

I've really been considering the X-Star DP2710, but im still kind of lost when it comes to the panel. They range from AH-VA to PLS.

The Asus PB278QR does look interesting and there are actually some used ones for $325, but it looks like it only goes up to 60Hz. And if it comes pre calibrated it may not make sense to overclock it... Also i did a quick search while typing and it seems it only overclocks to 85Hz. Just shy of the 90 that im looking for.

Here is what I think I have, not sure though as the item was never re-listed so I chose the closest one I could find. It was on sale for $300 when I bought it, it might go back down again. Current price is $380 USD.

Works great for everything I do (gaming, CAD, minimal graphic design) Colors are very vivid. From what I read this monitor will OC to 120Hz, but I have no use for such a thing so it is still at 60Hz for me. The stand on it makes the whole thing wobble when the desk is bumped, but so does my other monitor. Also, 2 monitors are very nice to have for video editing (one for the program, one for the video preview). I think that is about all I have to say.

I've actually been eyeing that specific one for a while now. I'm just not sure i want to pull the trigger not knowing if PLS is actually more beneficial than IPS or AH-VH. There's also a "tempered glass" version of the same thing for $60 less so it does make me wonder what the deal with the price is.

I appreciate the input.

I may be holding myself back from color reproduction by shooting for 90-96Hz.

Does anyone know about using 72Hz for video? Im actually really thinking about that Asus PB278QR now.

Unless something has changed go AH-IPS. I think there is a new crossover Wendell was recommending recently that should fit the bill.

Its actually pretty conflicting. The listing says it is both an "LG" and "S-IPS" panel, which is impossible.

If it is an LG panel it could very well be a AH-IPS as Wendell can be quoted, but if it is a S-IPS it shouldn't be associated with LG and its actually older technology and PLS would be a better rout.

Maybe there is a different listing that i'm not seeing, but i feel i might have to ask Wendell to clarify.

This one. Everywhere I check it says AH-IPS so I am not sure where you found conflicting information.


PLS is supposedly better than IPS. From Wikipedia:

Samsung claimed the following benefits of Super PLS (commonly referred to as just "PLS") over IPS:[14]

  • Further improvement in viewing angle
  • 10 percent increase in brightness
  • Up to 15 percent decrease in production costs
  • Increased image quality
  • Flexible panel

Thank you, I must have closed the original tab and left a different seller's page up.

Well knowing that now and learning what i have the past few days i pulled the trigger on the Crossover.

PLS is suppose to look better than AH-IPS, but i did some more reading and people who have used both seemed to come to the conclusion they are pretty much indistinguishable.

Also PLS supposedly runs into some problems when overclocking and in general IPS does not, so that helped with the decision.