Hard drive case vs Sata3 to usb

So I recently found a Seagate 7200.4 160 GB HHD and I want to recover my files, so should I get an enclosure or a cable?
I was thinking if I got the enclosure I could put my game files on it and be able to port around my games. Am I crazy? could that be viable? Should I just get the cable and use the HDD as a coaster once i have the files?

Either way they do the same thing, but most USB adapter cables can also use IDE and 2.5" IDE if you want legacy support

if you get the USB adapter I'd grab one of these with it

otherwise I'd go for a dock over an enclosure

I was thinking the dock would be more portable.

It still needs an AC adapter, also with the USB adapter you usually get a molex power end as well for older drives, with the dock you may be limited to just sata power connections

Actually this one's only 8 bucks, but naturally you get what you paid for

So the hard drive could still be ported around in a backpack?

I'd just stick to getting a large USB drive for that given the capacity of that hard drive, if you wanted to make it portable you'd want the enclosure, preferably one with some shock absorption

is there an enclosure that comes with a ac adapter?

They should all come with one, I meant that more for comparison if you thought it only needed USB power

ok cool.
Thanks for the help!