Hard disk

I recently bought an internal hard disc drive for my desktop pc and i connected it along with the other two drives i already had on. Although it is connected to the power supply and the motherboard and it works properly,i can not see it in ''my computer'' could someone please tell me what do i have to do? thank you!

try going to disc management, if you see a disc roughly the size of your drive you may just need to format it (i recommend ntfs) and it'll show up in my computer

does it show up in management? does formating it make it show up? (i'm assuming this is a new blank drive)

It doesnt show up in disc management 

computer on, drive all pluged in, touch it and make sure it's working (if should ve vibrating a bit): if it isnt it's broke of wired up/pluged in wrong, if it is lets keep trying

try downloading this tool (it's safe (assuming you know what you're doing) i can vouch for it) http://www.partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html

see if it shows up there (it's basically the same test as disc managment, but lets not rely on windows)