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Halo: The Master Chief Collection is COMING TO STEAM


in other news, Halo CE was probably the first single player shooter I played. I still remember the tank bit on the bridge. I was always sad when everything past H2 didn’t come to pc.


H2 was the last bungie game 343 industries ( aka microsoft studios ) has made the rest for the most part.


RX 560 1080p 60fps low
RX580 1080p 60fps high
GTX 1070 4K 60fps low
RTX 2080 4K 60fps high

Just my guess. I don’t think CPU will be massively critical but 4 core minimum with a 6 plus recommended. In a lot of ways this is a port from Xbox one which means it may be core/thread hungry


The last game I pre ordered was battlefield 4 :laughing:


did someone say halo?


How does this not jazz someone up?


Took them long enough. I never understood why they discontinued the PC releases. Quite surprised they are releasing on Steam and not just the windows store like Gears 4.


Cuz Micosoft wanted to sell Xboxes


Reminds me of walking into some Gamestop (or some other name)
“Any PC Games”
“Pc Gaming is dead…we have a few over there” pointing to a corner

This is how I found HALO…best game ever


I only got a PS3 because it was move out day at college and I was like a vulture waiting for people deciding what to give away. It’s incredible what people leave behind when they move out of their dorms. You can furnish a whole house.

Anyway… I was able to rig my PS3 with keyboard and mouse and I destroyed people in COD. It really is the best way to game.