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Halo: The Master Chief Collection is COMING TO STEAM


Now built for PC with mouse and keyboard support and up to 4K UHD and HDR

Halo: Reach along with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, the Halo 3: ODST Campaign and Halo 4

ugghhh all those hours I spent in halo 3’s forge are coming back to haunt me, hopefully the download size is not ridiculous.

This might be a problem though


Wow, cool.

Is this a result of Bungie getting the name rights back? Surprised to see it on Steam and not the Microsoft store. And if it is Bungie’s doing whynthe Xbox live account requirement.

Cool all the same.


As someone that never played, I might give this a go.


Might not hold up as a new player game, no idea. I enjoyed it as a couch co-op game and having people around when playing it so not a solo thing at all.

Curiouser and curiouser… The steam page says 343 Industries and others, Publisher Microsoft… Really wondering why they are being nice to Steam suddenly and not making it a store exclusive. Bungie’s name is no where on it.


that was for destiny


Someone said they got halo as well… But yes definitely got Destiny back.


If it works in proton, i’ll play it with you guys


Is the Xbox live that new Games For Windows (but on Xbox… and cost like Fifteen dollars a month?) /s /s /s


I’m snagging it once it hits pre order. As bad an idea as that could end up being. I don’t really care. I’m excited for this. I’m expecting close 60-100 bucks for it


That online co-op, that is going to be a lot of time burnt between my brother and myself.


Oohhhhh good point.

EDIT: I really did have to look up if they charged for online on PC



Halo on PC again. That brings back some memories…

…and working from home.


I’ve never owned a console in my life, so I’m terrible with a controller—especially for all FPS games. I’ve only played 1 and 2 because they were on PC. I’ve been waiting for them to bring them to PC. I knew it would happen eventually; I just thought it might be sooner.


Last Halo game I played was number 2. This will let me dive head first into nostalgia train and get more play time with the other games.


Lmao I’m convinced this is Wendell’s alt. They’re never on at the same time :thinking:

Also BGL backwards is PGP.


As long as its a one-time cost I’m in, but if this is their beach-head way of pushing a monthly subscription, I’ll be super pissed.

What kind of PC specs do you think will be required/minimum?


I have learned the hard way to not pre-order anything anymore.

Not even if I love the company and think they can do no wrong…


If it requires me to log into Windows DRM to play, I’m not interested.


thanks for letting us know. We will be holding a memorial for you in the Lounge at 9pm EST.