Half -Life turns 10

i was surprised their wasn't a post about this if you guys dont know that half life is now 10 years old and as a present valve released LEFT 4 DEAD on tuesday which was the 10th anniversary of half life.

wow, i can't believe i played that game for the first time over 10 years ago. i feel like an old bastard who needs to go cry in a corner.

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Well Valve posted that it was 10 years ago today...and in celebration Half-Life is .98 cents for today.

wow thats cheap i remeber playing half life that game came out when i was 5 0.o i got into pc gaming at liek 7 but became truly hard core from 2 years ago

98 cents damn thats fucking cheap

sum1 buy me it plz

lol dude its 98 cents you cant afford that you must be one broke ass nigguh

Go ask a bum for a dollar. Perhaps he will give one to you if you dress the part.

i can, i just dont have a credit card :-( notice all my steam games r from retail lol

lol ask your parents if you live with them or torrent it

Half-Life is in near 2D.

You sir, are an idiot :)

I mean, not 2D, but like really blocky 3D.

So are all games in the 90's. So?

I was just saying, jeeze.

i loved this game when i first played it, hell its still fun to play today. the 2 expansion packs were pretty solid too. i havent played the ps2 one though. if youre going to play it for the first time now, i suggest getting the version that uses the source engine.

I havn't tried Blue Shift or Opposing Forces yet, maybe sometime..

sum1 gonna gift this game to me? free 60-day wow membership if u do, i dont like wow, got a card for it, thats y lol

Uhm dude no Half life is 20.

fuck you kewldoooooood