Hackintosh thread

Hey its been a while since i seen this thread on here. Anyone in particular setting up or running Hackintosh?

I want to dual boot or even virtual machine but never got it to work plus at this point i dont have a mac that willl let me download latest system.

I've been running one for about a year now.

It had been running nearly flawlessly except for sleep mode which didn't bother me much since I do a lot of home sharing of my media files on my network.

The process isn't too bad after an initial learning curve at the beginning. I initially struggled getting my sound working right and getting iMessage working but managed both with a couple of weekends of tinkering off and on.

Once set up, the worst trouble is knowing what updates to avoid if you have an NVIDIA GPU until drivers get released that support the latest update. Fortunately, checking with the hackintosh community before running system updates is always a wise thing to do. I keep a time machine backup going specifically for the cases where an update goes wrong, I can put my machine back to the way it was before anything happened without too much fuss.

Unfortunately, my hackintosh build is currently in a weird state of limbo since I upgraded to an Nvidia 1070 from my 970 FTW. NVIDIA hasn't released updates for the pascal architecture for some reason and the threads discussing it on hackintosh forums is nearing HL3 levels of conspiracy theory on why...

This has left me using integrated graphics when booted into MacOS for the time being, but I love my 1070 too much for gaming in windows to give it up. If I hadn't already gifted my 970 to my daughter I'd have put it back in a second slot just so I wasn't stuck with Intel GPU. Oh well.

If you have specific questions, I'd be happy to help out as best I can since I've built two hackintoshes (my daughter's got one too). :)

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I just reconfigured my x99 hack (in an upgrade to 10.12). I've been using 10.10 for a while now, but I had to keep the CPU underclocked at 2.9GHz, and that's a real shame, because it's a 5960x.

However, I can now (as of yesterday) boot with clover to 10.12 without modifying S/L/E or any other files (all clover patches or injection) at any clock speed. I jumped to 4.0GHz and 2400 MHz ram (capable of 3000, but IMC is unstable at that speed). Needless to say, it's like a new freaking machine. Add to that the move I made to a new case and CPU cooler (NH-D15), and it runs quieter, cooler, AND 1100MHz faster. GPU is a 980ti and is weird with the web drivers, but works.

Still working on audio. Anyone have a fix for ALC1150? Mine is screwy. Yosemite audio works but no idea how.

I wonder how dual booting with linux works..
And on a laptop that has a i5-3320M.
I once set it up on my Ivy Bridge desktop and it worked somewhat..

I just followed the instructions I found here: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/audio-realtek-alc-applehda-guide.143757/

I downloaded Toleda's script and ran through the questions and got it working very well. I initially had an issue when I booted into windows, sound would stop working when I rebooted back into macos unless I did a complete shutdown and flipped the power supply completely off for a few seconds before booting back into macos. No idea what that was but it stopped doing that after a while. I can't explain it.

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I actually was kind of interested to put mac os on my acer laptop for shits and giggles(excuse my language) but i fear the motherboard is incompatible.

Currently working on hackintoshing my macbook 1,1 to have 10.7 on it and working on OSX on my lenovo Y40-70.

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Nice, I put 10.8 on my macbook2,1.

Core 2 duo vs core duo

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Well i have an 08 macbook running core 2, needed it for virtualization for VMware stuff

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I need 10.7 for a better browser..... kek

Hey again, Hackintosh? What are the best websites for hackintosh guides?

I was thinking of hackintoshing my toshiba satellite but idk if some had done it to the specific model i have. Do anyone know any place that would have a list of computers tested to see if hackintosh will work on it?