Hackintosh - Legacy Linux Booting

So I have this really weird annoying issue where I have Linux (Fedora WS) installed and only Linux to the drive, no other OSes or anything like that only Linux, and when I go to the UniBeast USB to see if I can boot from Linux on the drive, it won't let me. It says, "Boot Linux from Whole Disc Boot", and when I choose that option to boot, it just sits at the Tux/Linux logo and does nothing. It doesn't boot to the drive or anything, it just sits there.

Any help/ideas?

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I even tried Ubuntu and I got the same issue, so I don't think it's Linux distro related.

@Tjj226_Angel maybe?

Its an issue with uni beast.

If you are seeing tux (the little penguin) and no fedora or ubuntu logo, then I feel fairly confident in saying its 100% unibeasts fault.

Okay, I'll report to TMX86 forums and see what happens from there. Thanks.

Well, TBH, I am sitting here with a sierra unibeast USB key and I am booting to opensuse just fine.

So it could simply be that you have a bad install.

Let me ask, what are you trying to truly achieve here? Obviously you want to boot to linux, but why are you trying to do it through unibeast?

I was hoping to make a single drive legacy multi-booting guide, and I ran into an issue with Linux not being able to be working as a boot option for Clover and UniBeast, even it just being Linux alone and nothing else on the drive.

The install is fine.

You might get the same issue I have if you use a MBR UniBeast USB and legacy Linux install. Not sure if you'd want to go that far though.

Are we 10000000% positive that linux didn't try to install itself as a UEFI system with a GUID partition map?

Because if linux even thought about trying to be UEFI, then there is your problem.

The drive is formatted as MBR. I preset the format quite a few times.

Unless it's possible for a UEFI install to a MBR drive? If so, that's not something I'm aware of.

Figured it out. I switched to Ubuntu for testing and installed the bootloader to the Linux partition rather than the "entire drive" and it worked once multibeast installed