Hackintosh Disc?

So I'm trying to get a Hackintosh disc made, but I'm not having much luck. Wondering if someone could help. I've tried copying and pasting the files of a legacy UniBeast installer USB to a 8.5 GB disc and then burning the files, but it gives an error message. I've even tried copying and pasting the files over to a spare USB in exFAT format with the idea in mind that once Windows sees the files and folders, that the files can be burned to a disc, but unfortunately I encounter a strange time error when copying and pasting the files over from the installer USB to the exFAT formatted USB and it won't work.

Yes, I know USB is much better than disc in general terms, but I really want to get a disc working so that I can have one off hand in case of worst scenario.

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Check out this site, it has everything that you could ever need in building a Hackintosh, lots of great people, lots of great help.


I'm going to allow this. Discussion of Piracy is fine, but posting links of pirated software, or anything of that sort is not allowed.

That being said, instructions of how to get a hackintosh up and running is fine.

The discussion of whether or not hackintosh is piracy is for another day. While technically, it is, most people can get it easily for free from anyone who owns a mac, so. Meh. Regardless. Going to clean up the argument so OP can get back to his discussion. No hard feelings, m'kay?


So this gets a pass?

Yes. Because it's not pirated software. They simply provide the tools and instructions.

The Tonymacx86 site does not condone using pirated software to build a Hackintosh. If you look at all of their setup and how to guides, most of them start of by saying that you have to own a licensed copy of Snow Leopard to begin your Hackintosh. After Snow Leopard all, or at least all of the OS's as far as I know have been free downloads to anyone running OSx.

I think everyone is in agreement that once you have purchased the software then it doesn't matter what equipment you run it on. Don't get me mistaken. I do not agree with someone pirating OSx and trying to set up a Hackintosh with it, nor will Tonymacx86 or anyone else that I know help anyone that is to cheap to spend the 20 bucks on buying a official copy of the OS.

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I didn't buy a copy of OS X, but I bought a Mac that came with OS X and I got other OS X versions from the Mac app store. I don't know if that still counts as pirating or whatever.

That's assuming that I haven't heard of it.

Anyone know someone that might be able to help/get it working?

I'm thinking maybe there would be a way to clone the data at the binary level, but I don't know or what tools would be available for something like that. I've tried a lot of options, if anyone could help, it would be deeply appreciated.

Be sure youre using the Legacy version of Clover, not the UEFI version. The UEFI version creates 2 partitions, which doesnt work well on disk.

Already at that, but thanks. I think I might be on to something though. I finally managed to burn an image of a USB to a disc with help of Disk Utility. However, when I attempted to boot to the disc, it wouldn't boot to it. It just put me into the BIOS advanced options menu.

Going to be attempting it again with Yosemite and hopefully Sierra.

Edit- Ended up not working. Stumped again.

I'm a little confused. You're trying to create a boot CD for a hackintosh? Why not just use the USB drive for that? That's what I used and it works quite well.


Disc can be permanent, and USBs I need for other things.....

I don't believe Apple has officially supported optical media for OS install for quite some time. That said, I found the following guide for making a Macintosh bootable media using sierra here. No idea if it works as I haven't tried it.

The key will be, when working with hackintosh is you will need a properly formed EFI partition with clover installed on it. This is where the PC will look for the bootloader at startup.

The EFI partition, once you get one that works with your particular hardware setup is easy to copy from one USB drive to another, so I assume if you can get the partition on the DVD, you can write the files there.

If I were you, I'd focus on getting a working USB drive first with clover configured the way you need it. Once you have that, then focus on imaging that onto optical format (if possible).

You don't need an EFI partition if it's legacy.

Just curious, is your motherboard incapable of booting UEFI mode? I believe most modern versions of MacOS require EFI Clover these days, or at least work much better with it.