Hacker Who Exposed Big Red Football Rape Faces More Jail Time Than Rapists

This makes me so angry


Isn't it great to live in a country where justice is swift and moral? evil doers always get what they deserve!


So the Governments thought process is that, civilians aren't allowed to obtain information through untraditional means, but large companies can?

Anakata, one of thepiratebay guys, is in a danish prison right now with no access to read any books or letters.

Meanwhile in norway the massmurderer breivik can read any book or letter he wants.


I hate this.


The police don't like doing their job. But they really hate it when someone else does it for them.


Legal system is severely unbalanced.  Violent offenders are often given the proverbial slap on the wrist relative to the severity of their crime, while non-violent offenders get the book thrown at them (unless they are white collar criminals, then they are generally ignored).  Don't get me wrong, identity thieves, black hats and the like do some serious damage.  But it's nothing compared to rape, assault and murder.  

Hacktivists on the other hand really only make things inconvenient the majority of the time.  And usually for a purpose.  You know, unless you're are covering up a rape, in which case they make things a little more than inconvenient for you...  deservedly so.

The problem is, they are seen as dissidents.  Disrupting the status quo.  And that is more of a threat to established power than a single rape or murder.  So they wish to strike it down with more severity.  Then there's the lack of understanding towards the internet and digital information as a whole in the judicial and political system.  Of course you also have the script kiddies and black hats who are just out to do damage for the lolz or personal gain mucking things up...  Put it all together, and you have a recipe for disastrous and painfully uneven response.  



Still think "white hats" do the most damage going around telling people that super hackers are out to get them and they must pay money to save them all from certian doom... Then the average person starts thinking we got to have strict laws in place to protect us from evil doers. Might make them money but in the end it has a negetive impact on everything else.

It's not weapons-grade for nothing haha