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Hacker Lore: Know Your Ancestors :Media, books Films etc


Let’s try this again:
Hacking lore,myths movies (bad and worse, never saw a good one) articles podcasts, posts on Newsgroups to 8-chan, white-papers or recordings from Ham radio.
Doesn’t have to be true as long as it is interesting or enjoyable.

I’ll start
This is from a radio show out of NYC on 770. The John Bachelor show.
"They were there to discuss a new nuclear missile and the prospect of arms talks with the Russians. When Reagan began to give a detailed account of the plot of WarGames, eyes rolled.

Then the president turned to John Vessey, the chairman of the joint chiefs, and asked: “Could something like this really happen?”

One week later, General Vessey returned with a startling answer: “Mr President, the problem is much worse than you think.”

Complete excerpt and more on Frank Kaplan’s new book Dark Territory.

Kaplan is the national security columnist for Slate.
Don’t know how the guy writes but on radio he had an amazing ability to paint mental images with just words…in other words, he could talk.



Is this thread hostile to painting complete pictures of people or nah

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raises hammer

Watching with intrigue.



by “of people” do you mean “of Reagan” or something :wink:


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I prize accuracy over idolatry.

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at any rate, there’s some very interesting history with the International Subversives and what they ended up doing later in life

Julian assange was of their number for example

apparently anything that paints anyone involved in a negative light is frowned upon, I’ll let you dig around for the sordid details.



This is a goldmine!
“DECNET A network protocol used to convey information between (primarily) VAX/VMS machines”
Now we’re talking real old school :slight_smile:

“RRP $19.95 AUD (approx. $11 USD)
Published June 1997 by Random House Australia”
Thank you for saving me 11 bucks!..seriously this is an awesome link