Hack My Mouse!

seems like there is a need in linux land for modern mouse hacking. they have windows programs but very few vendors are offering any linux support. just got from massdrop the mionix naos 7k. i am loving it so far, everything works out of the box. 3 dpi settings on top bottons, forward and back on side/thumb buttons. remapping the buttons is nbd, i want to control the led funtions. i want to change where the 3 dpi settings go, i want to change the lift off distance.. i guess its got memory and a chip. and the software is just injecting some file right? supposed to work the same if i goto a buddies house..(which is what im doing tonight. tried a vm, but it crapped the bed. also tried the win software in wine, that i really don't know what im doing in.. but that is besides the point) so how do i find, edit, and re-inject this file to the mouse in linux? some linux razer prog and logitech out there, think i should try it, moddified for my mouse? what other solutions have you guys found? thanks

as much as i love mionix, esp the naos, it's sad they aren't doing anything about making their software easily available on linux... the software is nice...why not just invest in it a bit more to make it work on ALL platforms ? There's ways around it, sure, but the support should come from the manufacturer itself, you are their customer, you should not have to put up with this shit, they should.

I feel the angst. And i agree in spirit, but i knew what i was getting into. I could have 'voted with my wallet' and given my money to a manufacturer that does support linux, but i didn't like the offering. I looked around before buying. And tbh if logan responded to my tweet, lol, i would have probably waited and bought the tek_mouse. Haha. I might just anyway. Who doesn't need more mice in their life? Razer and mionix are close in my mind, but after using a friends' deathadder (i think) i just couldn't get used to it. The naos is just too sexy. To my eyes, my hand, ergonomic and touch.. Ill gladly jump through some hoops and get it working with the windoze software, but id like to know how to hack it @home. Also, jumping into linux head first i knew there would be speed bumps.

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You can try a simple thing: Wine. Install the OG Windows software in Wine and try to access the mouse from it and see if it works. If I got your complain right you just need the software to edit the mouse settings from Linux, right? If so try Wine and see what happens.

I tried wine, i don't think i know what I'm doing. The software opens, is nice but wont take. It doesn't see a mouse. Ill be messing around with it more today. And if that works, great! But I'd like to know how to manipulate the config file without using anything.exe

I have this idea in my head of this awesome community making a linux program for all modern mice. That would be rad. sudo apt-get install tek-mouseware

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I did try the corsair linux software but idk wtf I'm doing. Couldn't get it to compile

Wine is basically like a VM so you need to pass to Wine all the details about where to find the device that needs to interact with the software. Here's a little guide I found (I'm not able to test it now unfortunately) but I hope can help you: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/how-to-use-usb-devices-a-webcam-in-this-case-in-wine-1-3-16-a-873968/

Got a response from Mionix, think it will actually bear fruit?

Mionix Support (Mionix Support Portal)
Mar 21, 20:32

Hi there fellow Linux user! I too see the reasoning behinds this, I will forward your request to the software developing team so they can hava a look at it. Thank you for bringing this up.

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(Name redacted) Support

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